The best probiotics for women to support digestion and urination

best probiotics for women

Your gut health may be the cause of your recurrent urine infections, poor digestion, or yeast infections. Your immunity may be weakened by an unbalanced gut, allowing pathogenic yeast and bacteria to flourish and resulting in persistent yeast infections and UTIs. Many females consume probiotic foods or supplements in an effort to restore balance to their digestive systems. Although probiotic foods like yogurt contain a respectable number of probiotic bacteria, they are not the most effective way to introduce these beneficial bacteria into your digestive system.

Foods high in probiotics, especially fermented dairy products like yogurt, frequently have high histamine contents. The microorganisms in the food produce this histamine. It can result in rashes and poor digestion for those of us who are histamine-intolerant. The fact that probiotic meals do not shield their germs from stomach acid is another drawback. Before they reach your gut, where you truly need them, the great majority of those probiotic bacteria will probably be killed in the hostile environment of your stomach.

Best Probiotics for Women


1. Balance ONE Probiotic

The Balance ONE Probiotic, a probiotic that meets all the standards for a high-quality supplement, is at the top of my list.
Each pill of this probiotic includes a total of 15 billion CFUs from 12 different probiotic strains. Certain probiotic strains, like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, are among the best for women. This probiotic has no extraneous fillers and is devoid of significant allergies like nuts, dairy, eggs, and gluten. Being vegan and non-GMO, the Balance ONE Probiotic is both.

This probiotic can be kept on your desk at work or in your bag for travel because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It does not contain yeasts or soil-based organisms (SBOs), but does contain strains that are already found in the human gut. These are all admirable qualities, but the innovative distribution technique of this probiotic is its most crucial one.
The probiotic bacteria in The Balance ONE Probiotic are compressed into time-release tablets using a unique method called BIO-tract. These tablets release their bacteria gradually over an 8–10 hour period, allowing the probiotic strains to pass through your stomach’s acidic environment without being killed. According to studies, this delivery mechanism is 15 times more effective in getting germs past stomach acid than conventional veggie capsules. 

Balance ONE is my top recommendation if you’re seeking for a high-quality probiotic to support digestive, urinary, or vaginal health. It has a two-month supply, making it a cost-effective option.


2. Garden of Life Once Daily Women’s Probiotic

Another premium brand to think about is Garden of Life, which frequently creates probiotics with specialized uses in mind.

Their daily probiotic for women has 16 strains and 50 billion CFUs. This may not deliver as many bacteria to your intestines as you may believe because they use veggie capsules rather than the more potent time-release pills. It does, however, have an excellent selection of probiotic strains for women and is probably a solid option. Their probiotics are soy, dairy, and gluten-free.

3. Florajen Refrigerated Probiotics for Women

After taking antibiotics, this Florajen probiotic is intended to assist women in reestablishing a healthy gut flora. As you are probably aware, antibiotics have a significant negative impact on the gut and can alter your gut flora in ways that can last for years. Be aware that this probiotic needs to be refrigerated because it is not shelf-stable. It follows that you should get it from a vendor who will ship it chilled using a refrigeration pack.This supplement contains three probiotic strains that have a variety of health advantages for supporting the immune system and the digestive system.


4. AZO Complete Feminine Balance

Another probiotic created specifically for women’s health is AZO’s. Several factors can alter the pH of the vagina, including stress, menstruation, hygiene, and intercourse. The four bacteria in this probiotic were chosen for their capacity to enhance vaginal health.

Concerns have been raised about the formulation’s low concentration of bacteria overall and the formulation’s tiny number of probiotic strains (just four) (five billion CFUs). However this probiotic is well-liked and gets positive ratings most of the time.

5. RepHresh Pro-B

Probiotics can aid in promoting vaginal health. RepHresh is a probiotic that has been created specifically to regulate vaginal pH levels and lower the frequency of yeast infections and urine infections.


The bacteria in your gut and stomach may be out of balance if you have yeast infections or urinary tract infections. Bringing your gut flora back into balance will help you have fewer yeast infections and UTIs over time. RepHresh costs a lot and comes with 30 capsules every bottle. Also, they don’t deliver the germs as effectively because they employ capsules rather than time-release tablets. Yet, they are generally a good brand for vaginal health and are advised by several gynecologists.

6. Physician’s Choice Women’s Probiotics

Last but not least, like Purely Optimal, Physician’s Choice contains a combination of probiotics and prebiotics. The presence of cranberry extract in the former distinguishes the two. As a result, ladies can enjoy the health benefits of cranberries without the extra sugar or calories. These probiotics’ impressive ingredient list also includes 50 billion cultures and six strains.


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