9 Categories of Intelligence (And How to Know Your Type)

Categories of Intelligence

When I was a child, my mom told me I was special—that there was no one on Earth just like me. Now, I’m of two minds when it comes to teaching our children that they’re special.

First, it’s true. We all have strengths, weaknesses, and proclivities that make us different from other people. I’ll get to my second interpretation of teaching everyone they’re special after a deep dive into Howard Gardner’s Theory of multiple intelligences.

See how you fare by reading the descriptions of the nine types of intelligence below and then responding to the questions for each.



The ability to visualize and navigate in space is referred to as visual-spatial intelligence. Visual-spatial intelligence experts typically excel in spotting patterns and deciphering graphs and charts. If you are typically the squad’s navigator and map reader, you may be very visual-spatial intelligent.

Do you have a keen eye for geography? You rarely get lost, right? Can you picture objects transforming and moving about in space? How well-developed is your sense of direction?

All of these could be indicators of strong visual-spatial intelligence.



The key to linguistic-verbal intelligence is words, words, and more words. We’re talking about excellent authors, presenters, and readers. In general, linguistic-verbal intelligence is high if a person can recall words rapidly and tell a good tale.

Are you a competent writer? Do you like experimenting with words and language? Do you have a strong memory? Are you able to effortlessly describe yourself to others? Do you communicate well?
You most likely have a high level of linguistic and verbal intelligence if you responded positively to the majority of these questions.


Number sense and logical problem solving are two aspects of logical-mathematical intelligence. Naturally, those with high logical-mathematical IQs would excel at arithmetic and be excellent conceptual thinkers. Think of mathematicians and scientists.


Are you proficient in math? Do you have a knack for solving logical puzzles? Are you typically able to solve a brainteaser when it is presented to you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these inquiries, your logical-mathematical intelligence is probably working well for you.


The ability to navigate through space with ease is known as bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. If you have a high level of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, you have exceptional body control and superb body awareness, meaning you are always aware of what your body is doing. These intelligent individuals might be excellent athletes, dancers, and have good hand-eye coordination.


Do you like dancing or athletics? Are you able to move your body the way your brain wishes if you have good body awareness? Are your hand-eye coordination skills strong? Do you have good spatial awareness and balance?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is probably quite high.


Can you sing in tune and clap to the beat? It’s possible that you’re musically intelligent. Above-average musical intelligence allows one to hear patterns and tones in music. They would undoubtedly be drawn to music, both as listeners and performers.


Can you recognize the beat when music is playing? Can you reproduce a musical note’s pitch? Do you like to play or listen to music? Are you considered musical by your friends?
Those who answer affirmatively typically possess strong musical intelligence.


Unsurprisingly, interpersonal or social skills are a component of interpersonal intelligence. Someone is likely to have high interpersonal intelligence if they are empathic and skilled at deciphering the intentions and feelings of others.

People with this intellect are excellent at working in teams and maintaining order in workplaces. They have strong communication skills and are perceptive to the needs of others. They can also perceive other people’s viewpoints.


Do you act as the group’s broker of peace? Do you consider yourself to be sympathetic? Are you able to interpret what others’ body language is trying to say? Do you often have an innate ability to read someone’s thoughts or emotions without having to ask? Are you sensitive to the feelings of others?

If you answered affirmatively to these inquiries, your interpersonal intelligence is probably very high.


Self-awareness is this. How well someone can reflect on and be conscious of their own mental and emotional state at any one time is the essence of intrapersonal intelligence. The philosophers and daydreamers are those.


Do you often find yourself daydreaming? Do you think of yourself as reflective? Do you recognize your feelings when they arise? Have others referred to you as self-aware?

If you answered “yes” to any of these inquiries, your intrapersonal intelligence is definitely quite high.


Gardner considered more intelligences that fit within his hypothesis of multiple intelligences after publishing Frames of Mind. Gardner only agreed to this category and the one after it; other academics have added others.


Nature is a passion for those with high naturalistic intelligence. They naturally gravitate toward exploring nature and studying flora and wildlife since they are alert to even small changes in their surroundings.

Do you like to spend time in nature? Do wild plants and animals pique your interest? Do you detect any minute alterations to the surroundings? Does spending time in nature improve your mood?

Yes responses to these questions are typically indicative of high naturalistic intelligence.



These instructors are the simple ones. People with good pedagogical intelligence may instruct, assist, and transmit information to others. Understanding a subject is one thing, but having the ability to explain it to others is a very different set of talents.

Do you enjoy imparting knowledge to others? Do you communicate information to others well?

High pedagogical intelligence is probably a trait of good teachers.


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