How to Become a Children’s Author in 5 Steps (with Tips)

Children's author
  • A children’s author creates original stories for children and young adults to read.
  • A bachelor’s degree in English can provide you with the language skills you need to write a book, but some authors pursue a master’s degree in children’s literature to gain a more particular understanding of what children want to read.
  • Some children’s authors collaborate with publishers to disseminate their books, whilst others self-publish using their own resources and marketing talents.

  • Conduct research on their stories.
  • Revise and revise drafts of their work, either individually or with an editor.
  • Seek out a publisher for their work or collaborate with one.
  • Submit content to multiple publications, and engage with them.
  • Continue your study in writing and children’s reading.

  • Complete a degree in English or a relevant subject

  • Learn about the market and the audience

  • Make a proposal

  • Submit your work to agents or publishers

  • Consider self-publishing

Why do kids require children’s books?

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