English eBooks you can use to improve your English skills

English eBooks

  • Convenience – With eBooks, you can read English whenever and wherever you want using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or e-reader. There is no need to carry physical books; simply access your eBook library on the fly.
  • Built-in dictionaries – Most English eBook apps have dictionaries, which allow you to quickly seek up definitions by clicking or touching on terms. This makes decoding vocabulary simple.
    Many eBook platforms provide interactive elements like pronunciation assistance, highlighted text, and narration capabilities.
  • Affordability – English eBooks are frequently less expensive than conventional books, and there are even free eBook options available.
  • Variety: Imagine the world’s largest library in your back pocket. Almost all novels and nonfiction works are now available in virtual format, so there is always something for everyone.

  • Assess your current English language level objectively: First, assess your overall English reading and comprehension ability realistically. Consider your vocabulary size, understanding of grammar structures, reading speed, and retention. If you’ve taken formal tests like the TOEFL or IELTS, utilize those results as a baseline.
  • Set clear, quantifiable reading goals – Define the English reading abilities you want to develop. Do you wish to increase your vocabulary or improve your comprehension of grammar and literary devices? Setting defined goals will help influence your eBook selection.
  • Preview the eBook’s content, structure, and reviews – Before purchasing an eBook, you are often given a preview. Consider the table of contents, sample, and reader feedback. Are the vocabulary and sentences adequate for your level? Is the storyline or subject matter engaging? Is your writing style similar to this?
  • Choose what you enjoy reading in your native language – It may sound obvious, but choose a book that appeals to you! For example, if you enjoy fantasy literature, choosing a romance novel is pointless; you’ll be bored.

  • Getting sidetracked and losing focus— Set a timer for each reading chunk and take short pauses between sessions. Reduce distractions by utilizing a basic e-reader, and reward yourself when you meet your reading objectives.
  • Integrating reading into your daily life – Carry your e-reader or tablet with you wherever you go. Quick reading sessions can help fill brief gaps of downtime, such as while waiting in line or commuting. Listen to audiobooks while doing household tasks or exercising.
  • Dealing with new terminology and expressions – Use your e-reader’s built-in dictionary to highlight unfamiliar words and take notes on definitions. You can always return to the words you are having trouble with later. Preply’s vocabulary guides also allow you to cross-check new terms and topics.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by lengthy books— Don’t feel compelled to finish novels. Begin with short stories, novellas, and simplified readers. You can also divide longer novels into digestible sections. Remember to prioritize your comprehension goals over your quickness.

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