Here are six festive season sequin looks.

festive season sequin looks

There has never been a better opportunity to include sequins in your wardrobe than right now. There are so many ways to wear this trend, whether you’re a sparkly magpie like me or just in need of a little bit of fun. The alternatives to dazzle are abundant, drawing influence from many of our favorite celebrities, such as Simone Ashley in Valentino and Rihanna in her Swarovski costume dress. I’m going to show you six methods to continue the sequin fun while bringing you the best festive season sequins looks that brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers have to offer. Also, there is a choice for our “less is more” huns! Only a little shimmer and shine can truly inspire a festive feeling like the greatest sequin dresses do. We’re here to show that this feeling needn’t be saved for just one month a year. Perhaps you can recall a wonderful holiday or New Year’s Night when you were decked out in head-to-toe sparkle. In order to highlight how the sequin dress has evolved into a modern mainstay and why it should be in your regular closet rotation, designers have tapped into the maximalist approach to clothing, showcasing runways heavy on the glitz and glamour season after season.

Make sure a sequin dress is at the top of your buying list whether your social schedule is jam-packed with wedding weekends until the end of the year or you are simply rediscovering the joy of dressing up after seasons of sweatpants. There are options for everyone, from the cool, patterned minis ideal for your upcoming trip to the understated column gowns suitable for your upcoming formal event. There is no better moment than the present to embrace the glitzy and ornate and learn about shine’s enduring power.

1. The shirt dress

Shirt dresses are a fantastic candidate for this season because they are made with both comfort and style in mind. But why not add a sequin moment to kick it up a notch? The blue Hanifa oversized dress is ideal for any party plans, including a night spent lounging on the couch. You could really amp up this look with colorful over-the-knee boots or tone it down with a pair of jeans, but I’ve styled it with a pair of H&M diamanté earrings and a green embellished Zara purse to add all the jazz. There are countless alternatives!Consider wearing a sequin dress with a romantic flair to fit the happy day’s mood. Your key to the perfect dress will be alluring forms and lots of drape. Choose a length that suits your mood, whether it’s long or short, but make sure there are plenty of feminine accents, such as satin ribbons and bow details, to finish the look.


2. The shoes

Go “all out” with a pair of decorated shoes if you want to incorporate sequins more subtly into your holiday activities. It’s a terrific way to upgrade your appearance whether you choose a pair of sequined boots or a platform heel with a lot of height.

3. The two-piece

Nothing says holiday season like a sequined coordinated outfit. With good reason, companies like Good American, ASOS, Simply Be, and even Zara have created some of the sassiest two-pieces over the past two seasons. Co-ord sets, hailed as one of the most adaptable choices, provide countless alternatives for dressing up. There are at least three ensembles that can be created from a superb co-ord, regardless of whether you choose to wear the components together or separately. And who wouldn’t want three dress options with sequins?

4. The skirt

The sequin trend has been ideal for someone who has only recently started wearing skirts. I kept the rest of my outfit quite modest in order to highlight my skirt, teaming it with this satin shirt with feather detail. Although I haven’t yet mastered my favorite outfit to wear with this skirt, it is a classic piece that will last for many seasons.


5. The dress

Without showing you some of the best party dresses available, I couldn’t mention sequins. This season, sequins are taking the place of velvet and silk, and with fun pieces like this monochrome ensemble, you can’t go wrong. And what makes this costume even better is that, with a quick switch from heels to cowboy boots, it could take me from a party to a festival. Sequins don’t have to be used exclusively at night. When created from matte-like sequin fabrics in wispy, light designs, simple tank dresses and sundress styles are perfect for an elegant brunch or bridal shower. To avoid looking over the top, be careful to wear these beauties with casual, daytime-appropriate accessories.

6. The trousers

I’ve wanted a pair of sequin pants for as long as I can remember. Layering a long-line blazer over a pair of rhinestones just screams stylish. This look has won the hearts of many fashion It-girls, including Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. And now is a great moment to include this trend in your wardrobe. Wear your trousers with a black or white blazer for a more formal appearance.


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