How to promote happiness through random acts of kindness

How to promote happiness

We have so many chances in daily life to surprise people with acts of kindness. For a variety of reasons, though, we frequently lack the awareness to recognize the opportunities to do so. We frequently miss chances to be friendly to people because we are in a hurry, glued to our phones, cranky, or simply not paying attention. One of the reasons that Random Acts of Kindness Day is observed on February 17 each year is that society is becoming less and less compassionate. It is observed by individuals, groups, and organizations everywhere to promote acts of kindness that uplift neighborhoods. In fact, the day is a representation of the 24 hours that people have to dedicate to bringing happiness and love to as many people as they can.

The rewards of being kind are substantial. In fact, doing good deeds is advantageous for everyone involved, not just the recipient. In fact, it has been scientifically shown that being nice makes both the giver and the receiver feel good. The ability of kindness to release happy chemicals that lessen stress and anxiety has been demonstrated by researchers. The University of California, San Diego conducted a two-decade study that demonstrated the spreading nature of happiness. Hence, if you perform a random act of kindness on one person, they are likely to pass it along to someone else, starting a chain reaction.

1. Compliment a stranger

All people yearn for connection, but in today’s world, it might be difficult to approach a complete stranger and start a discussion without them questioning your motives, even if you’re simply being kind. Nonetheless, if you see someone in the street with a lovely grin, face, jacket, or anything else that catches your attention, make sure to politely and amiably call it out to them. Your kind words will undoubtedly make them feel complimented, and they might even spark a deeper dialogue or friendship.


2. Give up your seat on public transport

Public transportation trips to or from work are rarely enjoyable, especially if you have to spend the entire trip on your feet (or, worse yet, with someone’s foul armpit in your face). Hence, if you’re fortunate enough to have a seat on your next bus or metro ride, why not give it to a stranger who appears to need it more than you do? Standing up will be a little bit easier because of the joy you will spread by performing this act of kindness.

3. Gift a book

Have you ever been inspired by a favorite memoir, piece of fiction, or self-help book? Or perhaps you have some meditation or mindfulness books that have guided you through difficult times. If that’s the case, consider giving an excellent book to someone who you believe might benefit from it rather than having it sit on your shelf at home. Furthermore, advise your friend to share the book with someone else after finishing it to continue the chain of good deeds.

4. Share your favorite song on social media

According to research, listening to the music we enjoy makes us friendlier, more inventive, and more helpful. If so, post your favorite song on social media and you might be able to cheer up someone else or even expose your pals to some new music they’ll adore.


5. Call a family member or friend

It seems there is never quite enough time to keep up with all of our loved ones in our increasingly hectic world. The majority of us rely on texts or instant messages to interact with our friends and family, but we should never undervalue the value of speaking and listening to one another in a real, live phone call. Therefore, give that family member or friend you’ve been meaning to contact a call or a Skype call. Simply pick up the phone and take action. Remember to tell them you love them as well; hearing those three little words will always make someone’s day.

6. Leave a sticky note for someone

Write a motivating message on a sticky note and leave it for someone to find as a quick, simple, and enjoyable random act of kindness. You might put it on any public spot, in a book, a newspaper, etc. Using sticky notes, you may try putting affirmations for mindfulness or against suicide to give people who might see them hope. Considering how many individuals currently struggle with anxiety and despair, it might even be beneficial for them.

According to scientific research, random acts of kindness result in happy emotions for both the donor and the receiver. Instead, be more particular and leave a sticky grin or message for someone you already know, such as a partner, coworker, flatmate, or a member of your family. It will cheer them up and is quick, adorable, and entertaining.


7. Pick up litter

Unfortunately, some people still believe it’s acceptable to simply put their trash on the ground and expect garbage collectors to pick it up. Garbage is a huge eyesore and a scourge on the neighborhood, especially when it’s outside. Hence, whenever you see trash on the ground, just pick it up and throw it in the nearest trash can (followed by applying a spritz of hand sanitizer of course). You feel better after performing this modest act of kindness for the benefit of others who come after you.

Join or organize a volunteer litter-picking group session at the park or beach closest to you for a more profound impact. This is a true win-win random act of kindness because it helps the community as a whole and gives you the chance to meet new, like-minded people.


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