Are You a Right-Brained Person? (Seven Right Brain Qualities)

Seven Right Brain Qualities

Do you like to sketch more than write? If so, you most likely have a dominant right brain.

When we examine the traits of a right-brain dominant person, we may picture someone who is very visual, a bit impulsive, and frequently described as emotional. They could have trouble memorizing things and paying attention to details. Very likely, we refer to right-brain dominant people as “creative”. Their learning patterns frequently diverge from those of left-brain dominant people, who typically perform exceptionally well in western educational institutions. On the other hand, a right-brain dominant person may have trouble settling into routines. Working in groups, though, is best for them because it fosters the creative inclination that comes with having a strong right brain.

Your brain’s two halves may appear to be very similar, but their approaches to information processing are completely different. The two sides of your brain don’t operate independently of one another despite their divergent modes of operation. Your brain’s distinct regions are connected by nerve fibers. You might still operate normally if a brain damage breaks the link between sides. Yet, the absence of integration might result in some limitations. Our brains constantly rearrange themselves. It can change in response to physical or experiential change. It was created with learning in mind. We learn more about which areas of the brain govern essential functions as scientists continue to map the brain. This knowledge is essential for developing research into brain disorders, injuries, and treatments.


According to the hypothesis, each person has a dominant side of the brain, either the left or the right. According to the notion, if you think primarily analytically and methodically, you are left-brained. You’re right brained if you tend to be more artistic or creative. The two hemispheres of the brain have separate functions, which is the foundation of this idea. Thanks to the work of psychobiologist and Nobel Prize laureate Roger W. Sperry, this was initially discovered in the 1960s. As comparison to the right brain, the left brain is more linguistic, analytical, and organized. It is often referred to as the digital brain. It performs tasks like reading, writing, and calculations better. The typical left-brainer is organized, goal-oriented, and capable of critical thought. They are also rarely forgetful. They prefer to carry out tasks in a systematic approach and don’t let emotions cloud their judgment when making decisions. They adore spreadsheets and are highly realistic, rational, and accurate. Engineering, logistics, and science and technology are just a few of the fields with a high left-brain population. Our right brains are intuitive, creative, and free-thinking. They concentrate on making sure that the spaces we design are both beautiful and useful. They pay attention, analyze the information, and ensure that the design concept addresses the problems with your current office space in coordination with our left-brains. The Habit Action team’s utilization of data and creativity results in the ideal skill set for designing user-centered workspaces.

Here are seven traits of the right brain:

1. You Prefer Drawing to Writing

Right-brain dominant individuals need ongoing stimulation. They are visual beings, keep in mind. A right-brain dominant person will struggle to focus in a regular western school because they require continual stimulus.


2. You Prefer Open-Ended Questions to Multiple Choice

Answering questions in an open-ended format is typically more natural for right-brain dominant persons than answering questions with numerous choices since they flourish in group settings. For a right brain dominant person, finding solutions through “black and white” techniques is preferable than situations that allow for discussion and freedom.

3. You Tend to Be Disorganized

A right-brain dominant person could struggle to stay focused and maintain organization. This might be as basic as keeping your desk tidy and clean at work or finishing certain academic assignments.

4. You Have Difficulty Focusing for Long Periods of Time

Right-brain dominant individuals need ongoing stimulation. They are visual beings, keep in mind. A right-brain dominant person will struggle to focus in a regular western school because they require continual stimulus.


5. You Have Less Than Average Memorization Skills

Right-brain dominant folks need a special technique to access the information they’ve absorbed when it comes to memorizing. Use meanings, colors, visual representations, and emotions to help you recall facts rather of repeating them over and over again.

6. You Are a Holistic Thinker

Right-brain dominant individuals are holistic thinkers who refer to the wider picture. They are able to see how the little components of a larger picture are interconnected.

7. You Can Be Spontaneous and Intuitive

People with a dominant right hemisphere enjoy adventure and thrive on vigor and spontaneity. They have an inclination for feeling and are emotionally perceptive.


How Can the Right Brain Be Used Effectively?

You already know that several of the aforementioned traits can be advantageous if you have right-brain tendencies. To encourage your creative side, you can select a profession that plays to your abilities.

Don’t be scared to go the other way either; just because you have some right-brain tendencies doesn’t mean you can’t pursue left-brain endeavors and improve your own inadequacies.




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