The 10 biggest taboos in American culture

taboos in American culture

Various practices are unpleasant and unethical in different nations and cultures. In accordance with that particular culture, area, country, or civilization, these activities are referred to as taboos. While there are some acts that are frowned upon in almost every civilization, taboos differ from location to region. The list of taboos in American culture is unusually large, yet many of these customs are gradually gaining acceptance from the general public. It is safe to presume that in the long run, the only taboo that would still exist in America and the rest of the globe would be to consider something to be taboo. Taboos neither develop nor disappear quickly.

1. Drinking during pregnancy

Whereas women in other nations, like France, may not view consuming a small amount of alcohol while pregnant as a huge concern, American women do. They avoid alcohol and view it as a major taboo since they are aware of the negative consequences that alcohol has on an unborn baby.

2. Abortion

Abortion and the positions of the two political parties, the Democrats and Republicans, on it are among the most hotly debated issues during the American election campaign. Abortion may be becoming more accepted, but in America, discussing an abortion with a woman is still frowned upon. For some people, talking about abortion can be quite upsetting. Strong opinions can be found on both sides of this topic, and typically there is no room for compromise. Politicians constantly speak about the subject and journalists routinely write about it. To ask a woman if she has ever had one is frowned upon, and it is uncommon to bring up in casual conversation.


3. Religion

Everyone in America has the freedom to practice any religion they choose since it is a personal affair. Yet, public religious discourse is frowned upon and disapproved upon by American society. The subject of religion can be taboo in America. The United States is renowned for being a melting pot of nationalities. Together with their possessions, this diverse group of people also carries their religious convictions. Many religions have immigrated to America, among them Hinduism, Judaism, Catholicism, and Islam. Due to the sensationalism involved in making fun of another person’s beliefs, these religions are frequently mocked in movies and by comedians.

4. Cheating on spouse

Even though the Asian and middle east countries commonly portray America as a country with little to no morals, the reality is pretty different. In countries like Russia, cheating on your spouse is not a big deal. However, the American society does not accept extra-marital affairs and look at it with great disdain.

5. Arranged marriages

Arranged marriages are a norm in countries such as India and Pakistan, but the American society rejects the concept of getting married to someone you do not even know properly or someone that your parents have chosen for you. Instead, they believe that the reason for marrying someone should be love.


6. Prostitution

In most nations around the world, including America, prostitution is one of the main contributors to the shadow economy. Nonetheless, the American society neither respects nor encourages prostitution. It is also well known that the American government has detained “sex workers” for engaging in forbidden acts.

7. Drugs

Drugs are strongly discouraged in American culture. A person who is found to be in possession of illegal narcotics will likely spend the most of his life behind bars.

8. Polygamy

Although polygamy is legal in several Islamic nations, it is strongly frowned upon in the United States. The society does not tolerate or respect the concept of having more than one spouse at a time. When a person has multiple spouses at once, this is referred to as polygamy. Due to its criminal character, it is a subject that is also not often discussed in public. Until it was outlawed in the late 1800s, Utah’s Mormon population frequently engaged in polygamy. Although though it is still exceedingly controversial to do so today and is still illegal in all 50 states, polygamy is still practiced by some sects of the Mormon church and other cults.


9. Pedophilia

In American society, pedophilia is not just a grave taboo but also a grave criminal. The sexual attraction that a guy feels toward prepubescent youngsters is the legal definition of pedophilia covers child molestation, child photography, and showing a youngster one’s private parts. Because of their morally repugnant nature, these behaviors are condemned, and communities frequently shun pedophiles. In casual conversation or even as part of a comedy act, this emotive subject is typically considered taboo. actually, a psychological illness. In no part of the world is it anything that is appropriate.

10. Incest

Incest is the term for having a sexual attraction to a relationship with a family member. One of the most pervasive taboos exists in every culture on the planet. While some nations, like Japan, frequently discuss the subject, American society usually abhors this practice, and it is hardly ever brought up.


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