Trends in Fashion: How Designers Forecast Upcoming Looks

Trends in fashion

  • With internal trends in fashion: Since many large fast-fashion companies are vertically integrated, their trend forecasting is carried out internally. In order to design new items, this enables the fashion forecasters to collaborate directly with product development teams.

  • Using a trend forecasting agency: Bigger, non-vertically integrated firms frequently rely on the experience of trend forecasting agencies, who charge for trend research reports.

  • Attending fashion shows: Prior to the development of the Internet, trend forecasters spent much of their time researching at these events, taking note of the most promising looks. They subsequently forwarded this information from the catwalk to fashion publications such as Vogue and chain-store product manufacturers. The process by which fashion trends make their way from haute couture runways to high street stores is known as “top-down” forecasting.

  • By examining influencers: Trend scouts these days are more inclined to consult blogs, street style, and influencers for information on the newest fashions. This method of forecasting, known as “bottom-up,” entails keeping a close eye on a target market to gauge demand for upcoming trends.

  • By observing other sectors of the economy: Independent small-scale fashion designers may choose to forego trend forecasting entirely in favor of developing mood boards that draw inspiration from nature, art, and cinema to create distinctive collections.

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