Common Types of Hotel Packages

Types of Hotel Packages

A hotel package is the name given to a number of goods or services that are sold collectively as opposed to separately. Hotel packages can be a crucial component of marketing campaigns for hotels, and they are typically marketed for less than the sum of the individual component prices. The majority types of hotel packages are designed with travelers in mind because they allow multiple goods or services to be purchased at once, speeding up and simplifying the booking process. The combination of a hotel room, breakfast, and transportation between the hotel and the airport are typical examples of hotel packages. Yet, some hotels could provide packages that include travel, admission to tourist attractions, and tickets to participate in specific activities. Hotels and their customers benefit from hotel packages since they combine a hotel room with additional goods and services that can be of interest to the customer. Upselling opportunities exist for hotels as a result, and customers benefit from enhanced service and frequently better value. This page explains the many kinds of hotel packages, how they function, and how to use them most effectively.

Hotel packages can be used by those in the hotel management industry to upsell. For instance, marketing packages that combine hotel accommodations and breakfasts enables the hotel to raise funds for breakfasts that visitors would otherwise decide to spend at a neighboring restaurant. Both firms may be able to draw in more clients as a result of this. Furthermore, it’s important to realize that a hotel package can be employed to improve the visitor experience. Offering a package that includes transportation to and from the airport can greatly enhance the experience of actually checking into a hotel, and including meals can make life much simpler for visitors and assist them in setting travel budgets. Consequently, bundles can fundamentally enhance revenue. In some circumstances, hotel packages might assist lodging establishments in establishing enduring economic ties with organizations like travel agencies.

1. Meal Packages

Some of the most popular package deals in a regular hotel industry are those that include meals. Offering a hotel room and breakfast in the hotel restaurant is arguably the most typical meal combo. There are other options to this, though.


For instance, half-board packages will often include breakfast and either lunch or dinner as well as two meals. Three daily meals are provided by full board, but all-inclusive goes one step further by often including drinks. Upselling and making more money from each visitor are fantastic uses of meal packages.

2. Wellness Packages

Travelers who want luxury or who are traveling alone may find wellness packages appealing. The primary idea behind this is to give guests access to services or facilities in addition to a hotel room so they can decompress, maintain their physical fitness, and/or explore self-care options.

Examples of services that could be included in these types of packages, depending on the hotel amenities available, include spa days, gym access, yoga classes, massage services, and access to sporting facilities.


3. Family Packages

Family hotel packages are a fantastic way to draw more visitors, and they can be especially helpful for hotels trying to boost demand during school breaks. These packages can come in a variety of shapes, such as discounts on numerous rooms that also include a selection of family activities.

If a hotel provides a kids’ club, for instance, a membership can be included in the deal. Similar to this, taking visitors to neighboring theme parks and other attractions might be a wonderful approach to make booking easier for them. Actually, practically anything in a package that makes it simpler for parents to organize a family vacation is likely to be well-liked.

4. Wedding and Honeymoon Packages

Offering wedding packages that take care of part of the effort involved in organizing a wedding can be a fantastic way for hotels to attract couples who are at this stage of the process. If your hotel has the ability to accommodate weddings or wedding celebrations, you can provide package deals that include accommodations for the happy couple and their closest friends and family.


Instead, perhaps the way your hotel operates is better suited to hosting honeymooning couples. In this situation, a hotel package incorporating a honeymoon suite accommodation with other pertinent goods or services may be created. Consider all-inclusive packages, romantic dinners, spa days, champagne, and other amenities to enhance the experience.

5. Adventure Packages

Another popular hotel package is aimed at more active vacationers who prefer to spend as much time outdoors as possible taking part in activities. These travelers may find skiing, scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, fishing, and kayaking to be appealing activities.

Consider how these activities might be included in hotel packages. You might establish cooperative relationships with nearby companies that provide these services. It would be possible to include the usage of equipment in your bundle for activities like fishing so that visitors won’t need to pack their own. This is a great method to draw in the kind of daring tourists that want to try something new.


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