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In many respects, friendships are a special kind of interaction. For starters, unlike familial connections, we enter them voluntarily. Furthermore, friendships do not often have the formal frameworks found in marriage and other familial ties. Also, research indicates that the foundation of one’s happiness and wellbeing is their friendships. In fact, as we become older, the value of healthy social ties increases, therefore it’s critical that we create relationships that are fulfilling for us. The ability to love and be loved, according to the authors of the Grant Study, which is still ongoing and aims to track the pleasure and well-being of 1,600 Harvard undergraduates throughout their whole lives, “was the single strength most clearly connected with subjective well-being at age 80.”

Nonetheless, it is a well-known reality that friendships evolve as we age. Some people may gradually come to the realization that their friendships are probably not the same as they once were in the COVID-stricken society we currently live in, where the majority of us are picking up the social connections from our pre-pandemic lifestyles. On the other side, it’s possible that we made new friendships and relationships through these trying times. Yet not every acquaintance or connection has the potential to develop into a meaningful, long-lasting friendship.Even though you’ve noticed some telltale signals that your friend doesn’t care about you, there are instances when you may desire to rekindle an old connection in the hopes of a joyful reunion. Given that humans are inherently sociable beings, you can be so eager to make friends that you miss some of the telltale indicators that someone isn’t genuinely interested in you.

It is unhealthy to impose friendship on someone who is obviously not interested in being your friend because it is a two-way street. Below are seven guidelines to assist you distinguish between actual friends and ordinary acquaintances if you’re worried about a buddy who seems disinterested in your friendship or is acting out.


1. They don’t really know you anymore

When you feel like your friend doesn’t really know or understand you, that’s one of the simplest signals that they no longer care about you. It’s possible that your interests have changed over time as a result of your simple growing apart. But if your buddy doesn’t try to keep up with your likes and preferences and appears unconcerned with your thoughts and feelings, it can be a hint that they don’t love your friendship as much as they claim.

2. They avoid meeting or keep cancelling plans 

There is no denying that effective communication and reliability are the cornerstones of every lasting and dependable friendship. For this reason, it can be assumed that a persistent lack of interest in catching up or an unwillingness to make plans with you are indications that a person does not want to be your buddy. We all lead busy lives, but if you find that someone often contacts you first and tries to make plans with you or doesn’t appear excited to see you, it may be a sign that they no longer want to be your friend and are unable to open up to you about their thoughts.

3. You aren’t included in their social lives

When someone excludes you from plans to hang out or attend an event, even though your other friends may have been invited, this is one of the most blatant signals that they don’t want to be your friend. When questioned, they can give an evasive explanation or inadequate justification for why they excluded you, making you more perplexed each time. Although it may seem like a cliché from a movie, this can be particularly devastating and occasionally cause you to doubt your connection.


Given how pervasive social media is in our lives, it makes sense to look at your friend’s social media feed to get a sense of how your friendship really stands. Even if you were at the same event and appeared in the photo they posted, you might discover that they did not mention you or tag you. Furthermore, not everyone uses social media in the same way or to the same extent, so avoiding someone on social media is not always a reliable indicator of your friendship with them. Yet, it’s safe to assume your friend doesn’t really care about you if they consistently leave you out of their socializing plans and ignore you on social media while they’re active there.

4. They seem distant and avoidant

Despite our busy lifestyles and stressful schedules, we usually find time to catch up with the individuals who matter to us most. After all, the key to maintaining friendships is healthy communication and timely, mutually stimulating interactions. One of the telltale symptoms that a friend doesn’t care about you is when they act distantly and frequently seem preoccupied during conversations. It can occasionally be helpful to pay attention to nonverbal signs to get a clearer picture. For instance, if someone is always fiddling with their phone or staring off into space rather than paying attention to you, they might be attempting to get away from you.

In fact, it may be an indication that your friendship has soured if you notice that your buddy ignores you or gives you flat responses when you try to strike up a conversation.


5. They always place the blame on you 

Any relationship will undoubtedly experience minor hiccups at some point, but good friends frequently band together to resolve disagreements and get beyond roadblocks. Yet, refusing to admit their error despite abundant proof of their wrongdoing and blaming you for everything that ever went wrong could be glaring indications that someone no longer wants to be your buddy.

6. They’re never around in difficult times

Real friends demonstrate their dependability in trying times and provide one other with the best possible support during good times and bad. One of the obvious indications that your friend doesn’t genuinely care about you is when they are too busy, make excuses, or flake out on you whenever you need assistance or support.

This is frequently made worse by the fact that this sporadic friend frequently contacts you to request assistance or a favor yet is unreachable when you find yourself in a tight spot. This opportunistic conduct may often leave you feeling wounded or annoyed, but it may also be taken as a certain indication that the other person doesn’t want to be your buddy.


7. They never seem happy for you

If your friend generally reacts badly to news about your successes or triumphs or never seems thrilled for your development, that is one of the telltale signals that they don’t care about you. Genuine friendships are built on respect, encouragement, and support for one another. Apparently, the absence of encouragement and on-going negativity are telltale signals that someone doesn’t want to be your buddy.

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