When you think your life is over, keep these 10 things in mind.

10 things in mind.

Have you ever gone through one of those life crises where you thought, “My life is over,” to yourself? You question what you did to deserve it and feel helpless and hopeless, as if everyone is against you. When I was 16 years old and my first love dumped me for someone else, I believe this was the first time I experienced this feeling. Even though what I went through at the time was quite insignificant in comparison to the numerous difficulties I have faced afterwards, it felt like the end of the world at the time.

It may feel like there is nothing left to live for when your first love leaves you for someone else or when a deeper tragedy occurs, such as a loved one’s death or your children moving out of the house. It might be painful to lose a dream job or business you’ve worked your entire life to build. And given the current state of the world economy, I am aware that many people are going through that experience. But, there is good news in this.

These are frequently the times when we start to reconsider our identities, priorities, and true desires. We develop with time and get stronger, more tenacious, and more resilient than we were. Life frequently acquires new significance, and we discover a new path that brings us more fulfillment. But these thoughts and observations usually come after the initial shock, and it’s simple to remain mired in those initial depressing and unhappy emotions. Without knowledge, this may continue long after the incident.


1. Everything in Life Eventually Passes

We occasionally lose sight of the fact that everything eventually passes, even the more unpleasant situations, while we are caught up in those trying times. Life is always in motion, thus nothing is ever still.

Consider the seasons for a moment; they never remain the same. Those early spring petals seem to transform into fruit very quickly. This is due to the constant advancement of everything. This implies that everything you are going through right now, including your feelings, will change eventually.

2. There Is Good in Your Life

We overthink the things we don’t want, which is why we experience those moments when life seems to have come to an end. We may experience a sense of loss and helplessness as we focus more of our attention on life’s challenges.


We feel better when we make an effort to focus on the positive. We start to appreciate our blessings more. This raises our energetic frequency and emotional condition as we keep doing it. This enables the changes we wish to see to happen.

3. Nature Offers Peace

The energy is clean and high frequency in nature, which is why we experience greater peace there. Forest bathing is the term used to describe this therapeutic technique. Our energetic frequency increases when we consistently spend time in nature and give ourselves permission to be totally present with our environment. It is thought that taking a forest bath has several health advantages. It aids in the discharge of tension, anxiety, and depression, among other things. It boosts our energy to the vibration of manifestation as well as having healing properties. This implies that in addition to feeling significantly better, you will produce a different sensation.

4. You Are the Writer of Your Life Story

When you are not seeking for the things you can alter, telling yourself your life is over leads to a sense of helplessness.
Even when events occur that are beyond our control, we are each the authors of our own life stories because we can always choose how to react. You might not be able to alter the past, but you can alter your narrative going forward. In any circumstance, it’s critical to acknowledge your emotions, but avoid making this the focus of your narrative.
Make a decision, then concentrate on writing your next chapter.


5. A Diamond Is Formed Through Intense Pressure

Although this metaphor is frequently utilized, it is so because it is accurate. When a flower first emerges from a bulb, the process is the same. It struggles through several soil layers before producing the most impressive bloom.

The bigger the beauty it can help you experience will depend on how much pressure you are now experiencing. Consider yourself to be a diamond. Recognize that the intensity you’re experiencing is a sign of the future’s brilliance.

6. When One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

When a door suddenly crashes in your face, it hurts. It can truly feel like your life is over when you get something you have desperately sought. In a sense, it’s already over since life as you knew it is over. The good news about this is that something must cease in order for something new to begin. You risk missing the next chapter if you keep thinking about the one that has already ended. You will feel much better when you shift your focus away from the closed door and keep an eye out for those openings.


7. Every Day Is a New Beginning

We all experience days that are significantly worse than others while we are going through a crisis in life. Nothing seems to go as planned, and it feels like we are constantly being reminded of things we would prefer to forget.
The good and the bad will always be with us; it’s just how life works. Darkness is necessary for the existence of light. If not, the light would disappear. This indicates that if we desire the good days, we must also accept the bad.
Remind yourself that tomorrow is another day if you experience those darker moments. There is always a chance for improvement.

8. It’s Not Personal

You could believe that you have to take everything personally because so many events in life have a direct bearing on us. But, such kind of thinking might trap you in a cycle of misery. If you see yourself wondering, “Why does this happen to me so often?” I can assure you that you are reacting negatively and in a way that will keep you stuck. This is due to the term “always” conveying the idea that nothing better has ever happened to you. This implies that you’ll keep looking for circumstances that are comparable. Instead, consider instances in which you have experienced more advantageous circumstances and decide to hunt for more of such.

9. Forgiveness Will Help You Heal

It’s common to think of forgiveness as letting someone off the hook. We believe that by harboring resentment, we are holding people accountable for their wrongdoing. In actuality, we punish ourselves since doing so simply makes us feel worse. “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy,” Nelson Mandela once observed. He could have been angry about a lot of things, but he understood the value of forgiving others. If you forgive someone else, it doesn’t necessarily follow that what they did was okay. To help you let go, forgiveness is a place you find within yourself.


You release yourself from your own hook as you allow yourself to accomplish this because forgiving provides you inner peace.

10. Challenges Are Gifts

Indeed, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, it is true. We frequently become aware of the gift much later, when the crisis has gone. But, understanding there must be a priceless gem amid the suffering can frequently help us get through the more difficult times. My greatest life struggles, such as losing my parents, my house, and going through a divorce, helped me get to where I am today. I can see how they helped me develop and shift my course. These adjustments are what led to the lovely life I currently have.

I think this realization is the one that aids me the most everytime a fresh difficulty arises. That enables me to have faith in life’s process. No matter how unpleasant your current situation is, always keep in mind that it contains a gift. When you’re prepared, you’ll be able to see it. Have faith that everything is happening at the right time.


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