These 6 Astrology Apps Provide Advice, Tips, and Techniques for Fans

Astrology Apps

It makes sense that humans would look to the stars, planets, and moon for guidance in a world where there is so much unpredictability. According to Pew Research, 30% of Americans follow astrology, and 40% believe in psychics and the existence of spiritual energy in natural objects like mountains or trees. According to research firm IBISWorld, the psychic industry in the United States is predicted to generate $2.3 billion in sales this year. Believers – or perhaps simply the “star-curious” – are exploring a plethora of mobile apps that promise everything from hyper-personalized horoscopes to moon-phase trackers. In Astrology Apps Techniques Co-Star, one of the most well-known apps, has attracted $21 million in investments since 2017. Modern astrology is thriving despite the scientific community’s mistrust.

1. Astrology Zone Horoscope

Susan Miller, a fashion writer and astrologer, started AstrologyZone.com in 1995 and writes blogs about love, relationships, and life, as well as how the zodiac influences each. Miller has now developed her brand by introducing Astrology Zone Horoscope, an app that offers daily and monthly horoscopes for each sun sign along with articles to teach users the fundamentals of astrology and how to use it. Since the application is essentially a portable version of the original website, you can access its resources wherever you are.

2. Chani

Chani Nicholas began her astrology profession in 2015 with just a newsletter and a developing Instagram page. She currently has more than 530,000 Instagram followers, an Oprah Daily column, a New York Times bestselling book, a podcast, and a mobile app. The Chani app, which has almost a million users, serves as a virtual one-stop shop for Nicholas’s services. It features a thorough and simple-to-understand description of the user’s birth chart, a daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope, moon phases, guided affirmations and meditations, and a link to purchase her goods.


3. Co-Star

The black-and-white visual model of Co-Star, which was founded by Banu Guler, was intended to appeal to millennials, but it also seems to be popular with Gen Z. The app employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology, NASA data, and “human astrologers” to deliver daily horoscopes and in-depth analyses of each user’s birth chart. But Co-social Star’s media component is what makes it special. With the app, users may connect with pals and view their compatibility, other birth charts, and astrological advice on how to interact with friends in real life.

4. Moonly

The application Moonly tracks the phases of the moon to offer a service akin to daily horoscopes. It provides suggestions for daily self-care based on the moon’s phase (waning, waxing, etc.) and the sign it is in. By utilizing Vedic astrology, or Hindu astrology, one of the oldest astrological traditions that originated in India, these activities go beyond western astrology, which is focused on practices of the Sun. Vedic techniques were discovered by founder Olga Ramora as she sought relief from distressing mental health problems. Moonly’s goal is to “improve the lives of thousands of people” by fusing astrology and psychology.

5. The Pattern

The Pattern was developed by YouTuber-turned-astrologer Lisa Donovan to provide a fresh perspective on astrological counseling. She founded The Pattern to provide a platform sans astrology jargon so it may be easier understood because she was initially dubious of anything astrology. The program asks for the user’s birth information and then creates a special “pattern” based on that information. The user’s personal life, relationships, compatibility, and “the significance of various time periods in your life” are all addressed by the patterns.


6. Stardust

The app Stardust, created by Rachel Moranis, offers a novel approach to track both moon phases and your menstrual cycle. Stardust connects your hormone cycle with the cycles of bigger celestial bodies, such as the stars, planets, sun, and moon, according to its website, by integrating science, astronomy, and artificial intelligence. As you go through your cycle, you can observe how the moon changes while keeping up with and communicating with pals. Also, it delivers self-care advice based on your cycle and the phases of the moon. The design of the app is also user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful.

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