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Each totem animal is connected to one of the 12 various Moons that occur during the year in Native American astrology, which strongly takes inspiration from the ancient medicine wheel. The totem animals are arranged into groups based on the compass direction and season they belong to. Every totem animal has a meaning that is influenced by the characteristics of the season and the associated Moon. These totem animals can be recognized as character or personality types, or spirits, according to Winifred Noe’s description of Astrology in Native American. Also, according to Noe, “Each of the 12 Moons, or Moon phases, has an associated animal that could be thought of as a birth totem or birth sign.”

1. Snow Goose, December 22-January 19

The Snow Goose is at home on land or in water, which emphasizes its “versatility, tenacity, and focused vigor,” in Noe’s words. The Snow Goose represents the Ground element, therefore you might enjoy stability, and other people might respect your dependable, solid demeanor. You might have a “good dosage of perseverance and competition,” according to Noe. “Those born under the sign of the Goose have lofty goals and can achieve much by making steady progress.” Being a Goose implies you always take the time to think things through before acting. You are dependable and strong, and you frequently aim high.

At work and in your personal life, people look to you for sound judgment because you consistently endeavor to make them and because you have the fortitude to remain composed even under trying circumstances. You are willing to put in consistent, long-term labor to realize your goals because you possess a quiet resolve and a burning ambition. Others can mistake your seriousness and concentration for coldness or distance. Most of the time, this is untrue since you are composed and restrained, and frequently kinder than you seem. You might favor “quality over quantity” and possess practically limitless energy. You might put a bit too much emphasis on work and not enough on the enjoyable and personal aspects of life because you have the capacity to work beyond others’ limitations.


2. Otter, January 20-February 18

Being an Otter grants you “flexibility, intelligence, communication, and a richness of ideas,” according to Noe, and you are associated with the air element. You can “offer intellectual stimulation” at any time. You are also a member of the Butterfly clan, which, according to Noe, “explains your free spirit and verbal skill”. Also, you might occasionally squander energy by hesitating or acting a little unsure. You may be optimistic and self-assured as an otter, especially when it comes to the future’s potential. You can be well-liked and possess a charitable streak. Noe states “Otters are revolutionaries and rebels” and “have a very keen sense of fairness”.

3. Wolf/Cougar, February 19-March 20

As a Wolf, you may come across as robust or strong, yet you may also have a timid or tender side. Like the wolf, you could want to go in a pack rather than on your own. You can be wary about who you trust, but you’re also highly devoted and will stick by your friends or family no matter what happens in your life. The water element, which is associated with the wolf, bestows empathy and compassion upon you. You might be greatly swayed by your emotions, therefore it is in your best interests to establish stability and balance in your life. Wolves “have a specific radar for what is going around them,” according to Noe, and they are sensitive animals. Without being spoken to directly, you may infer what those around you need.

It will be very relaxing to be in a calm environment. You can be devoted to the people you love and regarded by friends, family, and coworkers for your helpful, compassionate demeanor. Despite the fact that you might not be particularly ambitious, your laid-back personality makes it simple for you to get along with others.


4. Hawk or Falcon, March 21-April 19

The east wind and springtime are linked to the hawk or falcon. It has been given the fire element and stands in for the leader. The Falcon/Hawk is a hero who seeks to “inspire, convince, and motivate people” as a Thunderbird or Hawk clan member. According to shamanic astrologer Jodie Cara Lindley, the Falcon has “foresight and intuition” and is able to anticipate things. You have vision and gain from having an eagle eye viewpoint as a falcon. Falcons love to start new projects and seek adventure because they are connected to the east and the March equinox, which ushers in spring in the northern hemisphere. The challenge excites them. A falcon can react to changing conditions swiftly and takes action with ease.

5. Beaver, April 20-May 20

The Beaver is “industrious, hardworking, and grounded,” according to Lindley. Noe continues, “The Beaver is the engineer of the animal World, changing his habitat for his own security and comfort.” The alterations Beaver may make to his surroundings reflect the remarkable tenacity and constancy of this totem. The quality of the beaver is one of stability and consistency, and it is related to the Earth element. Others may respect your dependability and dependability as a Beaver. Your emphasis on security may cause you to become overly preoccupied with the material side of life. You prefer a strong foundation because you are a Tortoise clan member. It’s critical to protect.

6. Deer, May 21-June 20

The Deer stands for a totem group that includes creatures of all sizes and shapes, from the magnificent Stag to the graceful Doe. They all share the ability to act swiftly in reaction to shifting situations and the grace with which they move. Deer are of the element air. Deer seldom want to stay in one spot for too long since they enjoy movement and variety. If you are a deer, movement, excitement from change, and communication are crucial. Late spring, when the first signals of summer begin to appear, is ruled by deer. As a Deer, you might anticipate change or decide to leave your options open since you know there will be new options soon.


7. Flicker or Woodpecker, June 21-July 22

Those born under the sign of the Woodpecker have a pressing need for safety and protection, according to Noe. If you are a woodpecker, you are influenced by the water element, which is associated with feelings. You are allowed to freely express your occasionally strong feelings. You might be cautious because of your heightened sensitivity, especially when you first encounter someone or a scenario. Also, you are a member of the Frog clan, which values emotional communication. Because of your intense sensitivity and capacity for empathy, you thrive when you believe that loved ones genuinely care about your well-being.

8. Salmon or Sturgeon, July 23-August 22

According to Noe, salmon are regarded as the king of fish and “have an elegance and grace that we cannot help but adore.” The saying “overcome all challenges silently, easily, and with dignity” is said to apply to salmon. The fire element, which you are associated with as a salmon, bestows upon you “inner strength, passion, and intrinsic power. Salmons possess a burning heart. Also, you are blessed with a generous side as a result, especially with those in your close circle.

9. Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear), August 23-September 22

Unless you feel threatened, you can be timid and delicate in contrast to the Bear’s bulk and strength. Your totem animal, the bear, bestows upon you the positive attributes of being amicable, practical, and adaptable. Your element is earth, which emphasizes your strengths in being dependable and steadfast. You might have a strong connection to nature or think that being outside is uplifting.


10. Raven, September 23-October 23

The raven is revered as a “balancing force in nature” and is considered to be “an intelligent and capable bird,” according to Noe. Air is your element, which keeps you in contact with those around you. This may endow you with social skills or endow you with a warm and welcoming attitude. You are a Raven, which means that you are known for your “harmonious and calm interactions” and that you might be skilled in diplomacy and mediation. You’re accomodating to a fault sometimes.

11. Snake/Serpent, October 24-November 21

According to Noe, the snake “commands a tremendous degree of respect” and is a “symbol for transformation and rejuvenation”. The defender of life’s mysteries has often been referred to as “the serpent.” The Snake is a symbol for “deep emotions and unconscious, spiritual demands” and is related to the water element. You might have a talent for observation or the capacity to discern “deep psychological undercurrents in other people” if you identify as a snake. Your “excellent judgment and intuition” are one of your assets as a member of the Frog clan. “Experts of the soul” refers to you.

12. Owl/Elk, November 22-December 21

The owl represents wisdom, understanding, and keen observation. The owl was respected in ancient cultures for its wisdom and prophecy. Your element is fire, but it burns more subtly, like the embers of a slowly smoldering fire. Noe attributes to you “spontaneity, enthusiasm and idealism” because of your fire elemental makeup. “Fire is employed to attain spiritual understanding,” according to the totem connection with the owl. You always think profoundly about the meaning of life as you work to increase your knowledge and insight. You are endowed with tenacity since you are an Owl. Because of your ongoing quest for knowledge and meaning, you are always receptive to new experiences that will enrich your life.


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