Twelve Elegant Pastels Decorating Idea

Elegant Pastels Decorating Idea

For one of your home’s busiest areas, pastel colors work best. A tranquil kitchen is made possible by the combination of mint green, gentle gray, and sparkling white. The smooth surfaces are also very easy to clean.

1. Pillow-Packed Banquette

Pastel home décor can provide color and brightness to any drab space. Throw cushions of various colors look fantastic against this space’s backdrop of black, white, and wood tones. A dining area or sofa with bright hues like coral and muted pastel tones like soft yellow and blush pink offer depth and structure.

2. Calm, Cool Den

This area features a similar blue-gray color palette. The secret to pulling off this appearance is to keep the colors within the same palette or paint chip while subtly changing the tones so they don’t match. To create a stark contrast in a monochromatic pastel color scheme, add black and white.


3. Calm, Cool Den

With larger works, use pastels for a more relaxed look. This room has a beachy, antique atmosphere thanks to the shiplap walls. By applying a pastel paint color to furniture pieces, you can create a similar cottage-inspired motif. To add a handcrafted patina and a worn appearance, sand the paint.

4. Pattern Play

Combine patterns in different pastel colours for your home’s decor for an eclectic aesthetic that seems modern rather than complicated. Choose a comparable color scheme when combining patterns to prevent an overly busy room. In this desk area, white accents assist to balance out the many pink hues.

5. Neutral Ground

Prevent pastels from feeling too feminine with grounding neutrals. A natural jute rug, bright white seating, and crisp molding add sophistication to this living room. Little pops of mint and coral on pillows and wall art add interest.


6. Delicate Dining

Who wouldn’t want to eat in such a serene setting? Rosy pink hues offer just enough contrast to maintain visual interest. The hues’ comparable values also make the space coherent.

7. Minty Master

Thanks to a pricey chandelier and elaborate crown molding, this bedroom is fit for a queen. The light green walls highlight golden accents. The light hue of green looks bright and clean when coupled with white.

8. Traditional Touches

Use pastel colors and neutral elements to recreate this traditional living room. Here, a ruffled ottoman, a light blue wall, and an exquisite fireplace feature give off a traditional vibe. Pastel tones of pink, purple, or green would also make wonderful alternatives for the walls in traditional designs.


9. Perfect Pairing

For a cottage-like ambiance, mix and match pastel color schemes in your home design. In some situations, the mix of different hues can be overwhelming or distracting, but not with this attractive command center. A framed chalkboard with shutters is painted in chalk-style paint and has dusty blue accents that stand out against the mint green walls.

10. Serene Scene

Are cottage or rustic designs appealing to you? This bedroom’s blue-gray walls make the perfect background for the cream and silver furnishings. Its calming qualities induce slumber at night.

11. Pretty in Purple

This seating area strikes the ideal blend between coziness and elegance. Inviting purple armchairs encourage visitors to sit and remain for a while. The contrast between the warm beige walls and draperies is pleasing. Colors that are similar in value work well together and complement one another.


12. Bathed in Blue

The timeless color combination of blue and white is further elevated by the addition of wood embellishments. By the use of crown molding, a white banquette, and soft blue walls, this eat-in kitchen maintains a great equilibrium. The wooden table brightens this quaint area when compared to the two colors.


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