12 Green Living Room Designs for a Fresh Look

Green Living Room Designs

For a revitalizing tribute to nature, decorate your living area with the color green. There is a hue to fit any style thanks to a wide variety of selections, including delicate mint, zingy lime, and lush evergreen. Use these green living room decorating ideas for a fresh, lively color update.

1. Green Living Room Ideas

Green is a natural choice for living room color schemes since it is connected with new life and the beauty of nature. You may quickly switch your color scheme by choosing only a few green items, such an accent chair or lamp. Try painting the walls in your preferred hue for a stronger pop of color or think about getting a striking green sofa.

2. Green Color Schemes

Green is a flexible color that works well with many other hues. Pair lush greens with brilliant hues taken from the garden, such rose pink, goldenrod, and orange, for vivacious green living room ideas. A balanced furniture arrangement and neutral walls in this green living room prevent the whimsical combination of patterns and colors from becoming haphazard.


3. Green Accents

A few vibrant accents against a neutral background provide distinctive flair without going overboard. As seen in this living area, an accent chair and decorative cushions are subtle ways to incorporate green’s crisp feel into a traditional design. The fireplace mantel’s dark sage color contrasts with the warm white walls while tying in with the green decor.

4. Green Walls

With green living room ideas that make you think of rich plant life, embrace the appearance that is inspired by nature. The vibrant walls in this room are derived from a variety of leafy houseplants. The organic charm is enhanced by wall art that draws inspiration from nature and natural materials like leather and jute.

5. Green Living Room Refresh

To create a fresh and clean atmosphere, keep the color scheme of your living room uncomplicated. To balance a color scheme of creams, grays, and browns, pick a few green elements like cushions, rugs, or artwork. Another way to add some green while bringing a little bit of nature indoors is with potted plants and cut flowers.


6. Dark Green Living Room

Dark green wall colors provide dramatic style to living spaces. Paint the ceiling and trim a bright white color that will reflect light throughout the room to avoid the room from feeling too dark. This green living room is given a warm feel by warm accents like mustard yellow curtains and a leather chair.

7. Green Living Room Couch

A bright accent piece in green will instantly breathe new life into a bland living space. A vivid emerald, green sofa sticks out in this room where white and black are the dominant colors. Choose a statement-making fabric like velvet for added pop.

8. Gray and Green Living Room

The vibrant green design of the living area is even more striking against the background of the dark gray walls. The vivid personality of this sherbet green sofa brightens the primarily gray room. The style is kept fresh and lively by the addition of a teal-painted floor and fuschia accessories.


9. Light Green Living Room Idea

Inject joy into your living room with the refreshing color combination of light green and pink. Muted shades of lime and blush, balanced by crisp white, create a sophisticated look that isn’t too sweet. Use these three colors interchangeably in furnishings and accessories to create a cohesive look.

10. Emerald Green Wall

Without making a significant investment to color, painting just one wall a brilliant green may transform a drab space. The living area has a retro-chic vibe thanks to the striking color of this accent wall in emerald, green. The jewel-tone green stands out against the more muted tones of white and teal used in the furniture and artwork.

11. Green Living Room Furniture

Have fun with vibrant green living room furniture. In contrast to the stark white walls and window treatments, this chartreuse sofa and accent lamp stand out. A modern piece of furniture contrasted with an old etched-glass mirror creates an eclectic, whimsical effect.


12. Choosing Green Living Room Colors

Your living room’s color scheme should be inspired by a beloved piece of art. The landscape painting over the mantel uses a variety of greens that are repeated throughout the space. The multiple greens can interact without vying for the viewer’s attention because the painting serves as the main focus point.


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