How Do You Define Digital Marketing? it’s Kinds, skills and careers

How Do You Define Digital Marketing? kinds, skills, and careers

  • Producing superior content that aligns with search engine purpose
  • Utilizing keywords to make content more discoverable for search engines
  • Utilizing long-tail keywords—specific terms that search engines use—to make material more accessible to its intended audience
  • Making sure that the material loads rapidly and works with mobile devices

  • educational blogs and articles
  • original films
  • Audio podcasts
  • Newsletters via LinkedIn, Medium, or Substack

  • Strategic emails that increase brand recognition around the holidays
  • Send out bulk emails alerting subscribers about impending sales events
  • targeted emails that are sent to particular groups on an email list with customized offers and messages

  • Banner advertisements that appear at the top or side of a webpage next to content
  • Social media advertisements that show up on certain audiences’ feeds
  • advertisements that show up when a user types in a specific keyword into a search engine like Google

  • Social media videos that are part of a bigger campaign, like this holiday music video from peanut business Planters with an 80s theme.
  • Images shared on Instagram that capture the essence of a company, like the images of nature on Patagonia’s Instagram account

  • Interaction
  • Working together with strategists, product developers, and designers
  • imaginative thinking
  • Analyzing data and being knowledgeable about marketing analytics
    marketing on social media
  • generation of content
  • CRM and SEM/SEO tools

11 digital marketing techniques

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