Six Tips to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Are you having trouble staying motivated to follow a workout schedule? You’re not alone, though; whether you’re worn out from work, overwhelmed with a new baby, afraid to start, or just plain lazy, the reality is that motivation is quickly lost when times are rough or when you don’t work at it consistently. How many of your January promises to yourself to stick to a fitness regimen did you violate by February? There are a variety of reasons why you can violate your promises to yourself, and in this article, you’ll learn 6 strategies for finding the fitness inspiration you need to get back on track.

1. Link Exercise to Pleasure

Your mind will most likely categorize exercise as painful when you hear the word. even more so if you do it erratically.
You know, it’s in our nature as humans to look for comfort and to flee from pain at all costs. Hence, as you subject your body to the stress of exercise, you’ll be quick to characterize it as a painful experience, especially if you don’t make it a habit or have an overarching goal for your workout regimen. Fortunately, your mind has the power to decide what gives you joy. It all comes down to connecting your objective with a meaningful purpose and a satisfying experience.

Most of the time, people begin exercising without fully understanding their emotional motivation. “I want to get thinner.” Indeed, but why do you want to get in shape? Perhaps you want to feel wonderful, powerful, and healthy in your own body. Feel those emotions, then. All you need to do is establish and uphold a compelling, positive reason for your exercise regimen, and your mind will begin to recognize the satisfying emotions of your vision each time you work out.


Similar to any habit, you will see more benefits if you consistently feel good about achieving your goal. Every time you work out, your mind will block out the discomfort as it emphasizes your fitness goal, making the activity more enjoyable. As a result, if you clearly specify, define, and experience your ultimate fitness aim, your mind will spur you on as you train it to accomplish your objective.

2. Find What You Like

You might believe that getting in shape entails running on a treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes, three times per week, until you’re bathed in perspiration. Let’s face it, exercising on a treadmill isn’t exactly the most exciting activity. Beneficial? Yes, but if you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, I don’t blame you for lacking continual motivation. So, if that’s your cup of tea, that’s fantastic! Nevertheless, if it’s not your style, you have a lot of other options to pick from.

If you want to discover the fitness motivation to truly start going, it’s critical that you enjoy what you’re doing. The issue can simply be a lack of knowledge about the many exercises your body can perform. To start with, exercise should be enjoyable. If it’s not, you’re restricting yourself to the wrong kind of activity. There are absolutely countless sports and workout options available. Consider experimenting with various workout options until you identify a few things you most enjoy doing.


3. Seek an Accountability Partner

Since your sole boss is you, it’s simple to forget or skip an exercise. If you’re cozily tucked in bed and prone to lethargy, it’s unlikely that you’ll wake up at 6am on a chilly, rainy day to workout. Why? Because if nothing challenges us, we are wired to avoid discomfort. An accountability partner or personal trainer can be helpful to you in this situation. You see, most people generally find it annoying when they let someone down or offend them. You won’t want to have to apologize for sleeping in when you have made a commitment to show up and someone is waiting for you. That should get you motivated to work out.

4. Find a Role Model

Although while many people are successful at doing so, maintaining fitness over an extended period of time can be challenging. Looking up to a role model can be your key to fitness inspiration, whether you’re a newbie who is hesitant to start or a regular who struggles to stay consistent. If you have a goal in life that you really want to achieve, chances are good that someone else has already done it. Not always, but the majority of the time.

Being a role model in the fitness industry and checking off all the target boxes can motivate you to keep going every day.
You can discover the success recipe to keep you motivated and achieve the results you want to see by emulating their successful daily routines and habits and incorporating them straight into your daily schedule. Often, it’s not a lack of intention that prevents you from being motivated to exercise, but rather a poor method and ineffective outcomes.
Your morale will almost surely be boosted and your commitment to exercising maintained if you model the appropriate behavior and approach and consistently witness positive outcomes.


5. Brush up Your Diet

Certainly, you are constantly being told which meals are healthy for you and why you should experiment with dozens of different diets if you want to feel wonderful. While you don’t have to sign up for a stringent restrictive diet, you should nonetheless be aware of the items you eat on a daily basis. If you habitually eat Doritos for snacks and order fast food for dinner, you probably won’t always feel confident in your own skin. Your self-esteem and energy levels typically suffer when you don’t feel wonderful in your own body, and they frequently fall to unhealthy levels. The end outcome will be a diminished to total loss of motivation for exercise.

As a result, increasing your intake of clean, healthy foods will encourage your body’s mitochondria to produce more energy. You’ll get healthier and more energetic as a result. Your body and mind will feel better and lighter as a result, and you’ll find it much simpler to stay motivated to exercise.

6. Mix it Up

Have you ever noticed how habit-forming we are? It’s possible that you enjoy creating a routine for yourself because it makes you feel safe and secure. That’s because you’re afraid of uncertainty in some hidden way. It’s common for people to feel uneasy in unclear situations. Your fitness routine is probably no exception to the reality that most of your everyday routines tend to follow a repeated cycle. If you become accustomed to a certain exercise, your mind is quick to recall it and activate your autopilot mode each time you work out. You won’t likely feel any fresh emotional excitement or motivation as a result.


And because emotions govern life, we must go through change and uncertainty in order to feel new, uplifting emotions.
As a result, if you find yourself bored or unmotivated, it’s probably because your exercise routine hasn’t changed.
Therefore, make an effort to vary your weekly exercise routine. Once you’ve identified the activities you enjoy doing, begin including a few of them each week. For instance, if you typically jog for 30 minutes every day, try cutting back to 3 times a week and adding in other exercises like weight training, swimming, and/or yoga on the other days.

There are countless options! Change up the schedule again if after a few months that becomes monotonous as well. Change your exercise regimen either entirely, or at least the frequency and arrangement of the exercises. Pick whatever causes your mind to crave novelty and variation in your daily routine.


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