Motivational Advice from Extremely Successful Individuals

Advice from Extremely Successful Individuals

You need discipline, persistence, courage, and a clear vision to realize your dreams. You must work arduously for years. In addition to them, you also need to be really motivated. Without motivation, you’ll procrastinate too much or become burned out. You’ll become disinterested in the dream you vowed to make a reality. We all require that powerful inspiration that keeps us moving forward even when we want to give up. You may keep pushing forward and fulfill your dreams by following these 10 inspirational advices from people who have achieved great success.

1. Dream Big

To dream big is my top motivational advice for everyone. Setting lofty goals will help you to stay motivated. Some of the richest people in the world have accomplished feats that most people would consider impossible. When the Wright brothers declared they would discover a way for humans to fly, the majority of people thought they were crazy. Many people thought that cars would never be a reliable means of transportation. Aim high. You will receive minimal profits if you play cautiously. Les Brown, a motivational speaker, once said: “Aim high and miss; hit low and miss.”

Little dreams and objectives will prevent you from achieving great things. When you’re not truly accomplishing anything noteworthy, it will lead you to believe you are. Thus, set your goals high.


2. Stay Curious

Since he was intrigued, Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest cosmologists of our time, was able to solve the universe’s secrets. His intense interest in theoretical physics, black holes, and singularities resulted in a number of hypotheses and a greater knowledge of the cosmos, space, and time.
Be curious at all times while you pursue your objectives. Make research. Be open-minded to new software and hardware that can facilitate your work. Be enquiring about your own ideas, presumptions, and beliefs as well. Never stop challenging your methods. Exists a better approach? Are you acting in a morally upright manner?

3. Surround Yourself With Great People

Our lives and our personal growth are greatly influenced by the individuals we spend time with. People frequently focus on themselves alone and fail to consider their surroundings, making this one of the most underutilized motivational strategies. Have you ever spent time with a pessimistic person and left feeling pessimistic and cynical? Have you been around someone positive and felt happier the rest of the day? Stay away from pessimists. Be in the company of upbeat, like-minded people who will motivate you to achieve more and improve yourself. Identify those that act rather than making excuses all the time. Create a tribe of people who are success oriented.

4. Use Failure to Motivate You to Succeed

Failure may either set you back or make you stronger. I used to put off taking action out of fear of failing. I avoided approaching that woman because I was worried about being rejected. I was frightened of not getting hired, therefore I wouldn’t apply for that high-paying job. I at last understood that failure was the driving force I required to accomplish my greatest objectives and desires. I ultimately learned from my mistakes and improved at gaining a phone number after chatting to many ladies and failing to get the first date.


I started practicing my responses to typical interview questions, going through mock interviews with a friend, and fixing my errors after making a lot of interview mistakes. Then, I started getting those well-paying positions. Remove your ego from the discussion. Do not interpret failure as a sign that you are insufficient. Instead, use each setback as a chance to smooth out your rough edges and inch a little bit closer to your objective.

5. Be Different

The Apple campaign slogan “Think different” ran from 1997 to 2002. This enhanced their branding and distinguished them from their rivals. Apple concentrated on doing things differently while other businesses concentrated on increasing profits, cutting expenses, and cloning the designs of its rivals. They succeeded in doing this by developing fantastic products that offered wonderful user experiences. creative, plain-looking, and incredibly user-friendly products. Their extraordinary success in the technology and stock markets was the result of their urge to innovate.

You may not have heard of this motivational advice before, but don’t be scared to stand apart from the crowd. Everyone of us is special. We all have unique skills, weaknesses, talents, and traits that we were born with. Your distinctive qualities are what make you special. Make use of your individual talents and strengths to inspire you to pursue your goals.


6. Read About Super-Successful People

Reading books by or about incredibly successful people is a terrific method to learn how to stay motivated. You can read their bios, autobiographies, or other books that they’ve published to learn how they overcame obstacles and stayed motivated.

I adore autobiographies and biographies because they provide a detailed look into the lives and thoughts of successful people. When faced with extreme adversity, they demonstrate the strength of human will. They show us how to overcome overwhelming obstacles in order to succeed. You can find a lot of inspirational memoirs online.

7. Take Action Now

Have you ever wanted to do something but spent so much time overanalyzing it that you never did? You most likely had analysis paralysis, which is the belief that you need more knowledge than is necessary to begin something. Those who are most successful are driven to act right away. When launching Amazon, Jeff Bezos didn’t wait to secure tens of millions of dollars in venture capital funding. Before founding Microsoft, Bill Gates did not appoint 80 workers or create the initial version of the Microsoft Office program.


Start acting on your ideas if you want to make them a reality. You will never be able to find a solution for every issue you may encounter. Start putting the theory into practice and learn as you go. Never attempt to obtain all, or even the majority, of the answers up front. Start carrying out. You’ll run across more issues the more you behave. You’ll discover more solutions the more issues you encounter. You’ll quickly understand you’re well on your road to success as you overcome each obstacle.

8. Take Responsibility for Your Life

If you think that nothing in your life is under your control, it’s hard to stay motivated. The things we can influence include our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and, to a significant extent, our destiny. There are many things we cannot control.

Individuals with an internal locus of control tend to feel in control of their lives. Individuals with an external locus of control, on the other hand, think that external forces are in charge of their life. They are people who think that their life are under the control of the government, a system, politicians, bad luck, and other things.


9. Help Other People

There’s a reason why Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Bill Gates, and many other very wealthy people enjoy giving back to the community. It makes the world a better place while also feeling terrific. Helping others is one of the best motivational strategies there is. My sole objective when I was released from prison after serving a 2-year sentence for a felony narcotics offence was to find a solid career, earn money, and avoid getting into trouble. I received a pretty high education, and I’ve been in the IT industry for about 20 years.

I had a large income, but I discovered that it didn’t make me very content. Have you ever purchased something new and experienced momentary enjoyment before it rapidly vanished? That’s how I felt when I purchased my first home as well as my automobiles, clothes, electronics, and other possessions. Then everything altered one day.

10. Do What You Love

This is likely the most significant motivational advice you can use to succeed. There will be times when you work long hours, are around people you don’t like, or are engaged in activities you detest. If you don’t enjoy your work, it will be quite difficult for you to put up with its unpleasant and tiresome elements. Most of us work the majority of the time we are awake. Doing something you’re enthusiastic about makes sense. You’ll be more creative and produce your finest work when you’re doing what you love.


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