Practical Suggestions for New Parents

Suggestions for New Parents

When you welcome a baby into your house, you will likely experience ups and downs on a daily basis if you are like the majority of us who have been fortunate enough to become parents. Having a child won’t be pure happiness. They are a lot of labor, and they drain parents’ vitality greatly. They can, however, give you a heart that overflows with love and joy that you never thought were possible.

Despite the fact that no two newborns are the same, I can provide some advice to assist you get through parenthood. I’ve listed 13 useful suggestions for all new parents below.

1. Recognize That the First Year Is Usually Challenging

I’ve heard people claim that having children won’t alter their way of life. Simply put, they will travel with the infant in tow. Although it’s a good idea, things don’t turn out that way in practice. A newborn baby probably can’t come with you if you want to go to a concert. At the concert, they will sob and talk over other people. Infants are unable to go where we go or do what we do. During the first year, they cry a lot. Also, they need to be fed every few hours. It hinders any way of life.


The first year is difficult since having a baby will completely upend anyone’s world. Your life and schedule are no longer your own if you are the newborn’s primary caregiver. Your kid will depend on you for everything, including feedings, diaper changes, soothing, holding, rocking, swinging, being sang to, and other needs. We like to believe that our own child will be a simple child, especially if that personality matches our own. In actuality, most babies require a lot of maintenance. They require 24-hour care, which in and of itself makes the first year difficult.

2. Sleep When Baby Sleeps

Take advantage of the opportunity to sleep when babies are sleeping since they are so much effort when they are awake. They must be awake for you to nap. Don’t pass up the chance to get some rest while they’re sleeping, then.

It could be alluring to stay up late and binge watch your preferred program. Yet, the reality of having to care for a baby during the day while you are exhausted from staying up late and having them wake you up four times in six hours will make your day very difficult. Try to get adequate sleep and stay away from the suffering. Sleeping while your child is asleep is frequently the only option for making this work. I started going to bed at 8 o’clock when my twins did, and that is exactly why. The only way I could get enough hours of sleep was to get to bed early because I knew I would be woken up every two to three hours.


3. Allow for Normal Household Noise

A few years ago, my brother and his wife came to stay with us. Actually, due to a hurricane in their area, it was an extended stay of 10 days. They had a two-month-old infant who was still a newborn. I also had three young children who were constantly talking and being active. To allow the infant to snooze, we made an effort to keep the kids quiet. Their boy was taking two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, like most babies do.

At first, every little disturbance we made in the house would cause their son to wake up. I was only able to take action so far. For their infant’s sake, I wasn’t going to leave our home for the majority of the day. I had knowledge of newborns that my brother and sister-in-law lacked. After a few days in our noisy home, they understood this. He would learn to sleep through the noise if they don’t hurry to fetch him every time he wakes up due to a minor disturbance, I assured them. He was napping perfectly fine through our chaotic, noisy home activities by the end of the week.

With my own kids, I followed suit. We give the start of ordinary activities including conversing, cooking, and other household noises. Even if the infant is frequently sound sleeping in an adjacent bedroom, they are undoubtedly not isolated from the sounds. When you insist on silence in your home for your sleeping infant and whisper while they sleep, your baby develops a sensitive sleep pattern that is easily disturbed by any sound. Your infant will learn to fall asleep soundly despite common home noises if you train them to do so.


4. Don’t Get Hung Up on Advice From Others

Unwanted advice is frequently given to new parents, particularly from family and friends. Remember that they are attempting to help you because they care about you and are providing you advise. But just because someone gives you advice doesn’t mean you have to heed it. You consider your own baby’s needs first.

You don’t have to follow your sister’s advise just because she insists that you use organic cloth diapers because it worked well for her kids. After saying “thank you,” you can take the appropriate action for your own family.

5. Accept Help When Offered

Little kids and infants require a lot of labor. If there’s one thing you take away from this, I hope it’s that no baby is actually “easy.” They all demand a lot of time, work, love, and resources. When trustworthy individuals in your life volunteer to assist, embrace their assistance. Once the twins were delivered, my mother-in-law flew over to assist us. She intended to remain for a week. She indicated that she would remain longer and ultimately did so twice, for a total of three weeks.


I would have accepted her invitation to stay longer if she had made the offer. Being able to rely on her during those early months when we were just trying to survive was a blessing.

6. Breastfeed or Formula: Do What Works Best for Your Situation

Science has established that breastmilk has advantages over formula in terms of health benefits. How much better, though? At what price, too? So many women emotionally abuse themselves when they are unable to breastfeed for one reason or another.

You are doing a terrific job if you are feeding your baby. When she was a baby, our foster daughter exclusively drank formula. Due to lack of alternatives, many kids solely consume formula. Now a healthy and intelligent young lady, our foster daughter. Formula had no detrimental effects on her growth. The most crucial thing was that she ate. It applies to all babies.


7. Don’t Compare Your Baby to Other Babies

Every newborns are unique. Neither it is nice nor harmful. Colic affects some infants. They won’t necessarily experience problems in the future. Reflux and colic affected all of my twins, but they are now six years old and in good health. Every baby develops at a different pace. Both babies can be healthy and content if one walks at nine months and the other doesn’t until 14 months.

Don’t assess your infant against other infants. The definition of “normal” development spans a considerable range. Ask your pediatrician if you have any concerns regarding their growth that are valid.

8. Take a Shower, It Will Make You Feel Better

As brand-new parents, we frequently neglect to care for ourselves. Many parents devote their entire lives to taking care of their kids, neglecting their own needs in the process.


Showering every day is one method to take care of yourself as a new parent. You’ll feel more energized as a result. You will feel better even after a brief five-minute shower.

9. Get Out of the House and Meet Fellow Moms/Dads

Don’t assume you need to parent by yourself! You can join a lot of parent organizations. I joined MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) when I was a new mother, and through them, I made some fantastic mom friendships that have lasted for years.

Find mommy groups in your region by searching online. We all benefit from relationships, especially those with people who are going through the same stage of life as we are and have similar experiences.


10. Get Outside and Walk

Getting up and becoming active can be challenging at first if you are the one who gave birth. Our bodies suffer a lot during childbirth. Getting outside and taking walks is an easy way to stay active and improve your mood.

Put the infant in the stroller and head outside, even if it’s just for a short stroll to get going. You’ll discover that the blood running through your body and the fresh air will assist to lift your spirits.

11. Find the Humor in Your New Life

Take nothing in life too seriously. Be prepared to chuckle when amusing things occur. For instance, the blowout diaper that occurs right after your infant has been showered and dressed. When it happens, your child is blissfully cooing and grinning at you while you are practically covered in excrement.


These occurrences are inevitable. Find humor in life and be willing to laugh.

12. Take Photos Because Time Flies

Despite the appearance of length, years are short. You won’t realize how fast time passes. Even when nothing noteworthy is happening, capture it on camera and on film since children grow up quickly. When you blink, they will no longer be infants, and when you blink again, they will no longer be toddlers. Because they will age another day tomorrow and you cannot get that day back, capture life as it is happening.

13. Bond with Your Baby and Enjoy the Present

Spend every day with your child and treasure each moment as it arises. Spend some time smelling the sweet scent of a newborn infant, watching them sleep soundly in your arms, and soaking up their chuckles. They are the priceless moments and memories that will sustain you during the numerous trying days and nights.


Remember to mentally capture those priceless moments that you want to save for a lifetime because they are only newborns once.

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