The Top 6 Vitamins for Boosting Immunity

Vitamins for Boosting Immunity

You can prevent infections and heal more rapidly if you have a robust immune system. A strong immune system is mostly dependent on eating a well-balanced diet that is high in probiotic-rich foods, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, as well as a range of fruits and vegetables. It’s also crucial to practice other healthy behaviors, including as controlling stress, obtaining seven to eight hours of sleep every night, and engaging in regular exercise that is balanced with enough rest. According to Kelsey Lorencz, RDN, “doing your best to achieve these basic needs is most important. A Vitamins for boosting Immunity helps if you’re falling short in any of these areas.” It is crucial to consume sufficient levels of certain nutrients because it is known that they have a significant impact on the immune system, including zinc and vitamins C and D. While supplements shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a balanced diet, they may be helpful for those who have higher nutrient demands or difficulty acquiring enough through diet. Consider any vitamin gaps you may have before selecting a supplement to assist your immune system.

Also, it’s crucial to look for supplements that have undergone independent testing and to pay attention to dosage, as many supplements that enhance the immune system come in potentially unsafe mega-doses. Always see a healthcare professional before beginning a new supplement if you are using other supplements, drugs, or have any underlying medical conditions because certain immune-supporting vitamins may interact with these things.

1. Best Vitamin D: Theralogix Thera-D 2,000

According to some study, adequate vitamin D stocks may help to lessen the severity of the flu and COVID-19.2 Supplements have also been proven to lower the incidence of respiratory infections in individuals who are vitamin D deficient.


People frequently lack enough amounts of vitamin D, especially those who reside in regions of the world where year-round sun exposure is impossible. “The majority of us struggle to get enough vitamin D throughout the winter. Getting enough without sun exposure is almost challenging because there aren’t many foods that naturally contain vitamin D. Hence, unless you consume foods and beverages that have been fortified with this fat-soluble vitamin, this is true.

Because Theralogix Thera-D has NSF contents certification, which guarantees that it includes only what is stated on the label and is free of dangerous contaminants, we suggest it. Also, it is reasonably priced and is available in three distinct doses: 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 IU. The ideal dosage for you will depend on your existing vitamin D status, so we advise having your levels checked by a doctor before beginning a supplement. Most adults should consume 600 IU of vitamin D daily, but new study indicates that we might benefit from higher doses for both maintenance and replacement. One study even discovered that those who were deficient might quickly reach optimal vitamin D levels by taking a daily dose of 10,000 IU.

2. Best Vitamin C: Klean Athlete KLEAN-C

The function of vitamin C in the immune system is well documented. While the majority of individuals obtain enough vitamin C through eating foods like strawberries, oranges, mangos, bell peppers, and sweet potatoes, some people may benefit from taking a supplement.


While taking vitamin C pills won’t guarantee that you won’t get sick, they may help you feel better and heal more rapidly. According to Lorencz, eating 1,000 to 2,000 mg of vitamin C daily decreased the length of a cold by 8% for adults and 14% for children.

We advise KLEAN-C as a supplement if you require one. It is NSF certified for sport, which assures that its ingredients match the label and that no dangerous or prohibited substances are present. It also has relatively little calcium and salt and 525 milligrams of vitamin C. It doesn’t include any additional nutrients that might interfere with drugs, which is a problem with many vitamin C pills. It is also vegan and gluten-free.

The Tolerable Upper Intake Limit (UL) for vitamin C is 2,000 milligrams, compared to the recommended dietary intake (RDA) of 75 milligrams for women and 90 milligrams for men. KLEAN-C is far below that threshold. It is sweetened with a trace amount of sugar alcohols, which some people may find upsetting to their digestive systems.


3. Bes Zinc: Thorne Research Zinc Picolinate, 30 mg

Immune system health depends on zinc. Further study is required, however some studies have found that zinc supplementation may lessen the severity and duration of common cold symptoms. 9 Early research also points to a potential link between low zinc levels and a higher risk of more severe COVID-19 symptoms.
For those who acquire enough nutrition through food, there is currently insufficient data to warrant regular supplementation. Hence, if you decide to take supplements when you are ill, you shouldn’t do so for an extended period of time unless a healthcare professional has identified a deficiency.

Most people can receive enough zinc via food, which is found in a variety of foods such dairy, steak, beans, nuts, whole grains, and seafood. Vegans and vegetarians are more likely to experience zinc shortage despite the fact that it can be found in plant-based meals because phytates in whole grains and legumes may inhibit zinc absorption. Furthermore, a zinc deficiency is thought to affect roughly 30% of the older population. The zinc picolinate supplement from Thorne Research is a smart choice if your diet isn’t providing enough. Thorne is a reputable supplement company, and this item has NSF certification for use in sports. The dose of this supplement is especially notable because it is lower than the UL of 40 milligrams (many supplements provide well over that dose)

4. Best Echinacea: Vital Nutrients Echinacea Extract

An herb called echinacea is frequently used to cure the common cold. Research on the advantages has produced conflicting findings, which may be due to the herb’s variable dosage and type. Also, companies that offer echinacea pills sponsor a lot of studies, which could be biased.


Echinacea may help lessen the intensity and duration of cold symptoms when taken as soon as symptoms appear, according to some studies, however other research has found no benefit. Although the available data was fairly sparse and the majority of the trials examined showed no benefit, a review of 29 research found that taking it prophylactically may reduce the likelihood of contracting an upper respiratory infection (such as a cold). When used temporarily, it seems to be a supplement that is safe for the majority of individuals.

We advise Vital Nutrients Echinacea Extract if you decide to take echinacea. Although there is currently no specific amount that is advised, a 1,000-milligram dose seems to be secure in the short term.  With many herbal medicines, it is crucial that the ingredients listed on the label are present without any dangerous impurities. Echinacea can prolong the time it takes for your body to break down coffee and may interfere with some immunosuppressants. It’s better to use it only during the peak of the cold and flu season because there hasn’t been any research on its long-term safety.

5. Best B-Vitamin: Nature Made Super B-Complex Softgels

B-vitamins are crucial for the immune system. Even though there is no evidence to support the idea that more is beneficial, low amounts can impair the immune system. Although a variety of foods include b vitamins, you can obtain enough through food as long as you maintain a balanced diet and don’t cut out entire food groups. Nonetheless, vegetarians and certain vegans are more susceptible to deficiency, particularly in vitamin B.


B-vitamins are crucial for the immune system. Even though there is no evidence to support the idea that more is beneficial, low amounts can impair the immune system. Although a variety of foods include b vitamins, you can obtain enough through food as long as you maintain a balanced diet and don’t cut out entire food groups. Nonetheless, vegetarians and certain vegans are more susceptible to deficiency, particularly in vitamin B.

6. Best Multivitamin: Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day

If you have several nutrient deficits, eat a diet that might be deficient in important nutrients, or have greater dietary needs, a multivitamin may be beneficial. Thorne Basic Nutrients 2/Day is a wise choice because it contains zinc, vitamin C and D, all eight B vitamins, and other crucial minerals for immunological health.

Thorne’s multivitamin also contains additional minerals known to boost immune function, such as vitamins A and E, selenium, and magnesium (but there isn’t enough proof to recommend these nutrients on their own for immunological health). This Thorne supplement is NSF Certified for Sport, which means it contains everything that is stated on the label and is free of pollutants and compounds that are prohibited for use by athletes. Moreover, it is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.


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